Self-Injury Awareness Day

Self-Injury Awareness also known as self-harm awareness is a global awareness programme on 1st March where on this day people are more open about their own self-injury, and all the awareness programs organisation make special attempt to raise awareness about self-harm. There is an orangecoloured ribbon which considered the ribbon of self-harm awareness. So, on that specific day people wear an orange ribbon and spread the message to the people about the self-injury awareness and the main motive of this awareness is to break down this concept regarding self-harm and educate them who are in medical line or professional about the condition.

When someone is continuously self-harming him/her self, probably his/her action is connected to emotional distress because if a person is harming themself, in that case the person is the victim & the abuser themselves. people who are fed up with something and that thing triggers them to do self-harm because self-harm manage to help people release their emotional stress.

There are so many reasons one individual self-harm to release their internal pain. If they face failure, if they are very stress about something and questioning themselves. Excessive self-frustration that a person cannot even share with anybody and sometimes people assume or it is a misconception that people are self-harming to get attention. But it is not the case, they do not even want to people to know that they are hurting themselves.

Common ways of Self-harm include:

1. Cutting & Burning

2. Hitting & Punching

3. Poisoning themselves with dangerous medicines

4. Eating excessive food

5. Working out too much

Sometime people are doing something that they do not even know it is hurting themselves, they are doing it unknowingly and hurting themselves. The common symptoms self-harm can be personality disorder or people with mental disorder, like Anxiety, Depression, and Substance Abuse, Mood disorder. Some use it as coping mechanism to provide temporary relief of intense feelings such as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Emotion numbness, failure. It can relate to the history of trauma emotional & sexual abuse. If someone has the signs & symptoms of self-harm, a mental health professional should be contacted. Self-harm expertise especially helpful.

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