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    Alternate Therapies

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    We at Manam believe that medical intervention is only the beginning of a plan of treatment. Manam emphasizes the value of holistic processes of recovery and healing and has therefore incorporated alternative therapies as a mandatory program in the entire plan of treatment.

    The value of certain spiritual processes like yoga, pranic healing, meditation (various forms and methods) are priceless in the healing journey.

    The therapies offered by us are unique and innovative alternatives to current hospital programs. Some of them are:

    • Yoga
    • Pranayam
    • Meditation with benefits of chanting
    • Pranic healing
    • Music therapy
    • Accupressure
    • Arts and crafts therapy
    • Primal therapy
    • Wilderness therapy
    • Light therapy
    • Laughter therapy
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Dance therapy
    • Cooking therapy
    • Games and sports therapy
    • Group Interaction therapy
    • And More...
    [martanian_psychological_practice_shortcode_reference author=”Sanghamitra Sahoo” date=”2018″ display_button=””]I was suicidal because of my broken relationship. Very grateful to my friend who referred me to Manam. I feel I am a different person now. God bless Soumya Mam.[/martanian_psychological_practice_shortcode_reference]
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    Transforming Lives,
    Restoring Hope.


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