Counseling and Therapy

Our expert counsellors and therapists have created the perfect ambiance with an emphasis on confidentiality to conduct therapeutic healing sessions.

Activity and Alternate Therapy

Our Activities and Alternate Therapies cover a huge array of services that are quintessential to expression and freedom of thought which are conducted in this centre of healing.

Daycare Facilities

For those who need to get away for the day to attend an assortment of sessions and healing programs for complete recovery.

Psychiatric and Psychological Services & Therapies

CBT Sessions
Relaxation Training
De-addiction Counselling
Marital Counselling
Family & Family Group Therapy
IQ Assessment for Behavioral Changes
Stress Management
Anger Management
Sex Therapy
Activity Based Therapy
Crisis Intervention
Exposure Response Prevention (ERP Therapy)
Suicide Prevention Therapy

Alternate Therapies

Psychotherapy(Pranic Healing)
Pranic Healing(Self Healing)
Music Therapy
Arts & Crafts Therapy
Primal Therapy
Wilderness Therapy
Light Therapy
Laughter Therapy
Dance Therapy
Cooking Therapy
Games & Sports Therapy
Group Interactive Therapy