Seminar with Prison (age Group- 18-25) duration one hour at Jharpara Jail on dt-24-09-2021

24 Sep
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Seminar with Prison (age Group- 18-25) duration one hour at Jharpara Jail on dt-24-09-2021

The flow of the Session: -

  • General Introduction through basic interaction
  • Giving emphasis on the causes of activities.
  • How do we get triggered?
  • Awareness about the emotions associated with the reaction.
  • Emphasis on self-control and behavior.
  • Remedies/ Tasks / Activities for initiating self-control.
  • The Session was winded up by 3 inmates performing songs.

Brief Contents Covered:-

Triggers/ Reasons (Why do we do the crime?).

Basically why we are here in Jail-

  1. Under the circumstances of the situation/ environment.
  2. For own Mistake/ Fault.
  3. For Mistake of others.

    Key finding based on responses: Major reason is self and situation/ Environment. Like, Family pressure, Hunger, Frustration, Need for Money, Humiliation, Jealousy, etc.

  • The awareness regarding the reflection of the fault is of the situation, what provoked the person to do wrong/ Crime.

What are the emotions that lead to the inability of Self-control?

  • There will be environmental factors but controlling self not to do negative reactions is also important.
  • How a person can use physical and mental strength positively?

Response of Inmates: They have used their physical strength negatively.

  • Addressing the level of motivation can help to live life peacefully.
  1. Controlling Self.
  2. Reducing Negative Reaction.
  • Steps, How we can initiate the process of growth.
  • Physical Exercises. (Focusing on doing yoga, exercise, and push-ups regularly).
  • Try to see everything in a positive way. (It food is not good, what can we see good in this)
  • Turn one bad habit into one Good habit.
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