Anger, a common emotion, as common as happiness or sadness but sometimes can trap a person terribly. This is where the role of Anger Awareness Week comes in. Every year it is organized from 1st to 7th of December. It aims to raise awareness about Anger as a social issue which should be addressed openly. It was first launched by British Association of Anger Awareness (BAAM) in 2000.

This week is also dedicated to help people cope up with anger, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. An individual needs to learn how to channelize it. Emotions are either good or bad but when they are not in control, it can harm our well-being. Anger is a strong emotion which is a reaction to a provocation or threat. It is considered to be a negative emotion. Sometimes unmanaged anger can welcome a lot of problems, ranging from interpersonal relations to severe illness. Uncontrolled anger not only affect adults but also young individuals. Approximately 64% of young people aged 14-21 years face anger issues.

There are various common factors which contribute to anger such as stress, interpersonal relation conflicts, or daily life stuffs. Anger and Mental Health have a two way relationship. On one hand, while factors like stress contributes to causing anger and on the other hand anger can cause or contribute to severe mental health issues. This week also focuses on understanding anger more, like the triggers, healthy coping mechanisms and open communication.

Anger Awareness Week might not be a household name but is recognised by professionals who work on it and help others. Nearly 7.81% of the world’s population have anger issues. Raising awareness about this is important for both: the person suffering and people around the person. For the person who is having anger issues it can lead to stress, increased anxiety and physical problems also and for people who are around the person having anger issues should try to talk to the person and find out what is disturbing the person and if needed encourage them to seek help.

To cope up with anger, is not an easy job. Anger at times is difficult to control and manage. A person still can try to cope up by taking some steps as:

1. Talking to a person who will understand your struggle.

2. Practicing mindfulness techniques – meditation

3. Seek professional help

4. Attend workshops

5. Changing lifestyle by getting enough sleep and exercising

Anger awareness week might end in just a week, but the journey to a healthy anger management always

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