Program Title:

You Are Not Alone


You Are Not Alone (YANA) was initiated in 2016 to create awareness on stress, anxiety and depression amongst adolescents, teachers and parents; normalize conversations on mental health, build resilience, in order for them to understand how mental illness can affect them or their peers, thereby sensitizing them towards others who may be affected. Since, Adolescence can be a tough phase with strange new experiences and major changes. From exams and planning for the future, to experiencing isolation in the wake of the pandemic, and finding their identity, students at this age face a range of issues that affect their mental well-being. Effectively addressing mental health at an early age can help adolescents lead fulfilling lives as adults.


More than 3500 students across the schools of Bhubaneswar were addressed and empowered. The students felt very connected through the interactions. There was great feedback from them, a lot of them mentioned how they had a feeling that they are the only ones going through these challenges. They also shared how each of them at a point felt or is feeling such pressure and challenges about which they are unable to spea