Program Title:

Post Covid Nutritional Counseling for Children

Program Vision:

To create awareness on mental health amongst the school going children in the tribal areas, especially in the Post Covid scenario.


To understand the post-Covid mental health status of the school children in the back drop of a rural set-up in Odisha. To convey to the school teachers, parents, care givers and psycho-social workers about the mental health related

problems with the school kids are struggling with.


Participatory approaches to learning were found to be active approaches that encouraged the students to think for themselves. Students actively contributed to internalizing, understanding and learning, rather than passively receiving information from the Resource Persons. The overall program  approach encouraged participants to freely share information,  revealed fear-anxieties-their inner core and learned from each  other, and brain-stormed together to solve common problems.

As the students became familiar with the learning approach, they took increasing responsibility for planning their own learning sessions. They learned how to work together in a group. They also gained experience in using the activities and visual tools. The student community felt comfortable with a participatory approach. The small group activity encouraged group members to share information, ideas, concerns, knowledge and support learning in a group. The methodology helped everyone communicate effectively. The tools and the group facilitation process helped managing group dynamics, held-fast the work practical & relevant. The process had thus invited the other shy-members of the particular group to take  control of the learning and sharing process. The entire process ensured that everyone almost got an equal opportunity to participate