Department of Correctional Services

Program Title:


It aimed at transforming the lives of marginalized & socially shunned groups in the prisons by implementing innovative psychological strategies, and psychometric evaluation in correctional settings to facilitate transformative care, reduce recidivism and enable smooth integration into mainstream society by working with the inmates at different prison locations in Odisha.


The overall program approach encouraged participants to freely share information, revealed fear-anxieties-their inner core and learned from each other, and brain-stormed together to solve common problems. The issues that were addressed were as follows:

  1. Dealing with repressed emotions that lead to crime and punishment
  2. Guilt, Regret, Shame, Leading to depression, addiction and other unhealthy coping mechanisms
  3. Environment induced stress in the prison dealing with violence, bullying, abuse leading to self harm and suicide.
  4. Probation/ Bail/ Parole related stress leading to anxiety, panic and psychosomatic symptoms.

The various group activities encouraged group members to share information, ideas, concerns, knowledge and support learning in a group. The methodology helped everyone to communicate effectively. The tools and the group facilitation process helped managing group dynamics, held-fast the work practical and relevant invited the other shy-members of the particular group to take control of the learning and sharing process. The entire process ensured that everyone almost got an equal opportunity to participate.