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    5 years ago · · 2 comments

    The Pursuit of Happiness: Lifestyle Changes for Mental Fitness

    To borrow from Hollywood, the pursuit of happiness is perhaps what all of us have set out to do. With our current lifestyle, it’s not very hard to feel like Atlas (although one buckling under pressure), as if we’re bearing the weight of the entire world on our shoulders. Juggling around a high-stress work environment or a demanding educational curriculum and personal relationships, with others and most importantly, with oneself, can be quite draining. This is not without consequence- such a strain is unhealthy both for mental and physical health, worse, if you’re already struggling with these health problems.

    Lifestyle changes can go miles in helping realign yourself, to recover from anxiety, stress, depression and the like; if you aren’t, then it will be a great preventive measure for not letting your body lapse into these states. All your organ systems come together, complexly interconnected to form you and thus any dysfunction has various factors contributing to it. Medication will target a part of the problem but changing your lifestyle will help in a well-rounded recovery and also, prevention of a relapse.


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