21 Aug
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Counseling Session At Nist For Maintaining Immaculate mental hygiene On 21st August2018

A session again for freshers for all the coping skills and techniques to maintain the best mental hygiene for maximizing potential development and helping them to understand their own emotions and understand the difference between depression, anxiety, and stress, and to know when to ask for help . Suicides in engineering colleges are rising and it’s important to address this issue instead of brushing it under the carpet. Attended by 150 students.

Objective: To educate the fresher students at NIST about the various coping skills and techniques to attain the best mental health, achieve the maximum potential oneself, understand emotions and various issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and when to seek help

Outcome: The session was attended by 150 students. It was an informative session for the students.

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