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Counselling & Support

There are moments when we feel we have been pushed to a wall with our circumstances, our thoughts, emotions and life; overpowered by a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and are desperately looking for a solution in our lives.

This pursuit for strength and solutioning is not a journey that we want you to make alone. We are with you in The Pursuit of Happiness.
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Counselling the physically ill
Counselling the bereaved
Counselling the disabled
Counselling for diagnosed severe personality disorders
Marital Counselling
Geriatric Counselling
Managing emotions (fear, anger, stress, anxiety, depression)

Developing your potential for success
Making you corporate ready
Self-improvement and personality development
Pro-active inter-personal Relationship.


Counselling in schools and colleges
Child Counselling
Parental Counselling
Counselling the suicidal
Pre-marital Counselling

Counselling for social change
Counselling in prisons and for police personnel
Counselling for street children
Govt. Institutes/Banks/Public sector and NGOs
Counselling during disaster
Trauma Counselling


Psychotherapy and Counselling
De-addiction Counselling
Family and Family Group Therapy
Personality/Psychological Assessment for Behavioral Changes
Stress Management
Anger Management
Sexual Issues Counselling/Therapy

Activity Based Therapy

Stress Management
CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Sessions
Crisis Intervention
ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) Therapy
Adolescence Counselling
Academic/Career related stress/anxiety Counselling
Occupational Therapy

More About Us

Our aim is to provide high quality, holistic, behavioral and interventional mental health care through compassion, commitment and respect. We believe that recovery is possible through Comprehensive Support Programs, Alternative Therapeutic Processes and Therapeutic Counselling. No matter what your issues / concerns, we are dedicated to providing all of the information you need to feel comfortable and confident with our professionals. When you seek or suggest treatment at our facility, you know you have the support of qualified and compassionate individuals whose number one priority is helping people get well with utmost respect, dignity and confidentiality.

When you seek support at our facility, our interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, counsellors and clinical psychologists work collaboratively to provide comprehensive evaluation of each individual and an unrivaled continuum of quality care.

Transforming Lives,
Restoring Hope.