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    3 years ago · · 0 comments

    The Value Of Human Touch & How To Cope With Social Distancing Post COVID

    The Value Of Human Touch & How To Cope With Social Distancing Post COVID

    As we all know there’s a global pandemic going on right now i.e. COVID-19, so it’s a very crucial time for
    the government and the common people. I’m glad that people are taking precautions and are aware of
    the disease and it’s symptoms but at the same time I feel pitty for those who do not follow the
    government’s guidelines. I feel that there is always pros and cons to everything. The precautions and
    guidelines for COVID- 19 are good and in a way bad also. Good in the sense, social Distancing and being
    hygienic had showed people there boundaries and necessities.

    For example I’m glad that government has declared social distancing mandatory because if we think
    deeply, this social distancing will decrease the rate of rape cases and murders. Now girls are very much
    safe from any bad touch and physical harassment. They are fearless now on the roads, as even if
    someone wants, no one can touch them and harass them as a result those men will be in their limits
    while standing near a women. On the contrary this social distancing has also been a disadvantage at
    some level. Some people cannot get close and express their love and affection properly. For example, if
    someone is very happy and wants to hug his or her friends then they can’t and it becomes more difficult
    when people have to maintain social distancing inside homes too because as a bad touch there is also a
    good touch that makes people feel good like the touch of a mother for her child. In such situations
    friends cannot hangout together due to which people have also felt isolated and bored which irritates
    them too.

    Post COVID lockdown, we need to understand consciously that social distancing is necessary for current
    situation and hence should maintain it rather than feeling bad about it. As everything in life is temporary
    so this crucial phase is going to end too.

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