World Schizophrenia Day 2020

Today is World Schizophrenia Day.

Only remembering this day will not help the sufferers to recover from it. We need to bring more awareness among the masses about this illness. Like any other disease this is also treatable. Still people are very ashamed to speak out on it.
It has been a long time since I have been living with a schizophrenic person. I am a part of her existence for 24 hours and this person is none other than my own mother. When she was first diagnosed with the illness we knew nothing of it. We were totally ignorant but with our love and support today she has got back that lost strength in her life. We never let her feel the void in her life. Everyday is a challenge for her. I cannot explain the agony and pain through which she goes through everyday but I believe that to some extent we have succeeded to ease her pain. So it is evident that with love and support everything is possible. Now the time has arrived to spread the message of love and happiness in our society so that these struggling people would never go into this never ending path of darkness and they could lead a normal life as much as possible. So let’s come forward and light the candle of hope in their life.

I am very elated to have this platform to share some of my thoughts and feelings today.
Thank you.

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