Silver Linings

2020 has been a series of unfortunate events, hasn’t it? 

All of a sudden you’re plunged into a movie quite similar to ‘Contagion’ (a movie I won’t recommend right now) and it looks like even Tom Hanks can’t save us. Lives of every individual in their respective field has come to a standstill and none of us still know by when can we regain the state of normalcy! While some of the things seem out of control, we can still make an effort to rise above this period with absolute positivity. – there’s a silver lining to everything. It seems that the universe wanted you to take a break, doesn’t it?

It is past noon and the commotion due to the alarming increase in COVID-19 cases hasn’t settled yet. We notice our parents glued to the TV, rechecking their Whatsapp forwards with the news. Amid this state of urgency, a forced lock-down and constant media reporting of the disease spread, what we have really forgotten to take care of is our mental health. We are so caught up in peer-led activities for constant engagement, memes on the global situation and fake news pieces which are trending on social media to deal with the Quarantine that we tend to overlook that the psychological pressure each of us must be experiencing.

Some of us find this confinement maddening. Some of us are happy because solitude became our dear friend long back. Some of us are trying to not let our thoughts strangle us. Some remain undisturbed. All of us are dumbfounded and that’s normal. Panicking is normal. Freaking out over what seems to be an impending doom is normal. Wanting to go out is normal. However, dwelling too much on this side can prove to be ‘not so normal’ for your mental health. Hence, striking a balance between what’s going on outside, in the world and what’s going on inside, in your mind becomes necessary.

What do we do then? How do we strike this balance?

Like most things in life, it’s simple.

Here is something that might help you and your loved ones who can’t seem to put things into perspective.

List out the things you’ve always wanted to do. A skill you’ve always wanted to improve. A friend you’ve always wanted to catch up with. A dish that you’ve always wanted to cook. A movie/ TV show/book that has been in your list for years. A Ted Talk that has been in your ‘Watch Later’ list forever. That face mask you’ve been dying to try. Make sure this list is a long one with every little thing that you can come up with. When you wake up in the morning, make a routine that involves at least two of these things from your list.Anything that gives you happiness and peace!

Who knows if we’ll ever get asked to stay home again? Who knows if everyday will feel like Sunday again? Who says you cannot seize the day on your couch? Who says you can’t rebuild yourself even when the world seems to be falling apart? Instagram and Facebook can wait. The whole world will wait. To end with, “We can take this as an opportunity,the earth is recuperating, and so can we”

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