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    Therapeutic Counselling – Transforming Lives, Building Independence

    ‘Counselling’ the word itself could have very general connotations as well as extremely special connotations. It is not about giving advice or telling people what to do and what not to do. It is not about helping people for the sake of helping. It does not mean sharing your feelings superficially or being treated as someone with mental health issues. The notion of Therapeutic Counselling is usually misunderstood as a treatment for the mentally challenged. It is high time we break the myths that surround “Counselling” and start receiving the benefits of a Subject called “Therapeutic counselling” that has far-reaching positive impact and has been world-wide acclaimed as a holistic approach towards Personal and Professional Enrichment. Counselling, in fact, is facilitating a person’s decision to grow. It is an initiative to help people help themselves.

    A friendly Entity within Professional Boundaries!!
    A Problem-Solving Approach towards a Solution-Centric Accomplishment!!

    Professional Counselling Relationship Consists of qualities like Trust, Empathetic Concern, Patient Listening and Responding, Confidentiality, Transparency and Perceptive Understanding towards the Counsellee.

    The Process begins with one sharing one’s problems, concern and difficulties in resolving life issues and ends with a healthy identification of the approach towards solving them. Though counselling ends at a certain point of time the feedback and follow-up continues till the Counsellee is self-help efficient.

    “Lord, give me the will power to change what can be changed, the grace to accept what cannot be changed and the wisdom to know the difference”- Amen

    Manam Foundation.

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